Gifts That Pay You Income

Gifts that Pay You Income

Charitable Gift Annuity

Did you know that gifts can be created during your lifetime that will provide an income stream to you and other designated beneficiaries? You can transfer cash or another type of asset, such as shares of stock, to a charitable gift annuity. In exchange, you receive fixed and guaranteed income for life and an immediate tax deduction.

With the recent increase in payment rates, now is the perfect time to create a charitable gift annuity with the International Planned Parenthood/Western Hemisphere Region. When you act today, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Fixed annual income for as long as you live, with payment rates as high as 9.5%, depending on your age (you must be 65 or older and the minimum donation is $10,000).
  • A possible charitable income tax deduction and other tax savings.
  • Avoid capital gains taxes when you use appreciated stock to fund your gift annuity.
  • Payments for up to two people, which provides financial security for you and a loved one.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your gift annuity benefits you while helping women, men, and young people throughout the Americas and Caribbean access life-saving health information and services.

Sample Payment Rates:

For a no-obligation, personalized example of your payment rate, annual payment, and tax savings, contact us at

Charitable Remainder Trust

You can create a trust that pays you fixed or variable income. You receive an immediate income tax deduction, income for life or for a set period, and tax-advantaged investments. If you use appreciated property, like real estate or securities, to fund the trust, you will also reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes.