Supporters Like You

Carrie and Barry Saxifrage

“My husband and I have donated to IPPF/WHR for the last twenty years and included the organization in our estate plans because it aligns so well with our values: lightening human impact on the Earth by empowering women and girls.”

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Leslie Varkonyi

IPPF/WHR Chief Information Officer and Supporter

“My husband and I make an annual donation and have included IPPF/WHR in our estate plans because I see our work in action. The dedication of our partners. The lives saved. The possibilities that open up for women and their families. I know that every dollar I donate, and every hour I work, directly benefits the women, youth, and families who need us most.”

The Rosa Cisneros Legacy Society

We honor the exceptional commitment of individuals who leave a legacy gift by welcoming them into our Rosa Cisneros Legacy Society.

“I’ve devoted my career to fighting for basic human rights. And leaving a legacy that provides for the next generation motivates me every day. As a proud member of the Rosa Cisneros Legacy Society, I’m committed to ensuring every person receives the care they need even after I’m gone.”
– Carmen Barroso, Former IPPF/WHR Regional Director

Rosa Cisneros was a human rights lawyer and former Executive Director of our Member Association in El Salvador. We named our legacy society in honor of her lifelong dedication to improving women’s lives.

By becoming a member of the Rosa Cisneros Legacy Society, you assert your lasting legacy to support our commitment to ensure that every woman, man, and young person throughout the Americas has the sexual and reproductive health services and information they want, need, and deserve.

Who Your Gift Supports

Take the opportunity to learn more about the people whose lives are changed by your generous gift. Spend a week on the road with health workers in rural Bolivia. Follow Cinthia, a youth advocate in Ecuador, on her journey to improve the health of young people in her country. Join Stefanie as she provides basic—and lifesaving—health services in the Peruvian jungle. 
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