Sample Language for Your Will or Trust

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We suggest the following language for a bequest to IPPFWHR:

I give and bequeath [an amount equal to _x_ percent of my estate], or [description of asset], or [__x__ dollars] to International Planned Parenthood Federation Western Hemisphere Region, a New York, NY nonprofit corporation (Tax ID 13-1845455), located at 125 Maiden Lane, 9th Floor, New York, NY for its general use.

Tax ID: 13-1845455

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Types of Bequests

Specific Bequest: Designates a specific dollar amount or a specific asset to IPPFWHR.
Percentage Bequest: Designates the percentage of your estate to IPPFWHR.
Residuary Bequest: After all necessary costs and bequests to others have been satisfied, any remainder of your estate will be distributed to IPPFWHR.
Contingent Bequest: Assumes you want to leave your entire estate to family and friends. However, if you outlive any beneficiary, you can instruct that IPPFWHR receive that portion of the estate.